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I had been on 40 mg of prednisone for 2 1/2 years. The prednisone made my rash more tolerable but the side effects are becoming worse than the actual rash. A friend told me about Dr. Christine Garvey and the treatment she provided. I had already been off of the prednisone for about five months and the rash was gaining strength again and making me miserable. After four visits with Christine, seeing her once a week.. the rash was gone and it hasn't come back. For the first time in two years and 10 months I don't have a burning, itching, nerve aching rash. She has also been successful in treating me for my other allergies, so for the first time in my adult life (I am 51) I haven't had to take any allergy medicine every morning! I am so thankful for not only the success of the treatment but for Christine's style and care. She always treats me like I am her only patient in the whole world and gives me her time and her attention. I am beyond thankful!! "

Sandy Q."So for the first time in my adult life (I am 51) I haven't had to take any allergy medicine every morning

I saw Dr. Garvey last Spring for the worst allergy year of my life. I couldn't take it any longer. I've had allergies since 9th grade and have visited Ear/Nose Throat doctors since but last year was terrible.

Dr. Garvey identified four major irritants that were causing me trouble (the same ones my western medicine needle test identified). Cats, Dogs, Dust and Pollen. She treated me for ONE allergen that was most active at that time - Pollen spores. I was suffering horribly with a runny nose, itchy watery eyes, a congested ear canal and postnasal drip. My EENT had me using a steroid nasal spray and zyrtec indefinitely which I hated taking. After my 1st appointment my symptoms lessened and I went back about 6 months later to work through the dust allergen (I wish I had resolved that one before moving out of my dusty house)

Updated testimonial - one year later:
After talking with another mom who is suffering with hay fever symptoms I realized I hadn't even noticed it was allergy season. I have no symptoms - nothing. I am so happy to say that it really did work for me and I will be back again to resolve my dog/cat issues because I will not allow allergies to prevent me from owning a pet any longer.
The high-tech highly sensitive system she uses is based on Traditional Chinese Medicine and identifies thousands of potential allergens and which meridian the culprit is affecting. (i.e. lung, stomach, heart, etc.) It's fascinating and accurate - based in a 5,000+ year old system of health and wellbeing. She spent time answering all my questions and explaining to me what was going on and how it was working.
If you have allergies and open to alternative treatments that may help you alleviate your suffering you should try this. If you are looking to be convinced that you have terrible allergies that nothing can resolve you should skip this and try another prescription...

Kari M.Oakland, CA

I full-heartedly support her results, as I have been allergy-free for over a year now after having gone through her treatments. This is coming from someone that would go through at least 2 tissue boxes a week, wake up with both or at least one nostril plugged, and so on. I also had been under the care of Dr. Reid, and the SHOTS DID ABSOLUTELY NOTHING. Shots are old school, the treatment I got from Dr. Garvey is the new approach that other doctors should research and look into. I used to have to take a pill each day, and when it got really bad, took Claritin D on top of that. Sure, she's not covered by insurance, but spending the money for the treatments and to live my life normally again is more than worth it. I highly recommend her service.

Natalie S.San Francisco, CA

Highly recommend her!!! Such a small price to pay to be able to eat whatever I want! And for my daughter too! Nothing is worse than feeling so helpless when your child has an allergy. Such a great experience!!!

Heather D.Bangor, PA

Thank you Dr Garvey for your great practice using many modalities to help uncover and heal the root cause of our health problems.
If you are struggling with food allergies/sensitivities or any aches and pains, your best decision will be to go visit Dr Christine at the Allergy Breakthrough Center. Her chiropractic methods are gentle and effective.
Through AAT, Dr Christine can get to the root cause of illnesses by uncovering and healing food sensitivities and allergies. AAT is amazing. Food sensitivities and imbalances in our body can affect so much more than we think.
Dr Christine goes out of her way in every aspect of her job. She treats each case like it is her only one and really cares about each client. She will not stop until she figures out exactly what's wrong with her patients.

Julie E.Walnut Creek, CA

I saw Dr Garvey for constitutional problems involving fatigue, depression, body ache and poor sleep. I had a restricted diet as this is what I was reduced to eating, so that I could continue to work. My symptoms were "moderate" unless I was stressed, and then they became moderate-severe, and I was concerned that I wasn't going to be able to work the entire day.

Dr Garvey had a basic history that she collected. Her process uncovered a sensitivity to Metals, which I have a mouth-full of, and this was treated on the first visit. I felt toxic that night, with poor sleep, racing mind, and feeling very low energy in the morning.

She then tested again, when I returned several days later, and treated me for my reaction to my computer and electric fields. Again went home feeling relaxed, but plagued again by poor sleep, body ache and feeling "down". I knew this was a de-toxification, and it passed leaving me feeling somewhat improved.

I slowly began to feel better, and returned to Dr Garvey a third time. She found sensitivity to coffee, which I had a long history with, as I did the Metals in the first visit. Again, I was treated and felt toxic that night after what had been a very relaxing treatment. I kept getting complements from people that I "looked better". I noticed that my mood had improved, and I slowly noticed a resilience to stress, which coincided with a really good mood..

My fourth treatment was just recently. I was tested and treated for sugars This time I went to bed that night feeling CALM...I slept well, and realized that something had really changed...I again have noted an increase in energy, improved mood, improved sleep, and resilience to stress, but this time it is stronger, and I have been exercising more - not because I HAVE to but because I feel so good that I want to do something...

I can't wait to go back...I have been looking for something this simple and yet, this profound, for years...can you imagine what it would be like to have the weight of substance sensitivities taken off of you, and how your health would change if over a few weeks everything that you had been found to be "reactive" to was just magically taken away? Dream about it no more - it is here!

Dr. James G.Lafayette

Living in this area, we are exposed to extreme levels of molds. I, like many others, am highly allergic to these allergens. Every spring I am in the doctor's office getting a seasonal allergy shot and prescription to alleviate my symptoms. Not this year! I have been getting treated by Doctor Garvey for a few months now and have yet to experience the typical sneezing, itchy eyes, and runny nose that go hand-in-hand with seasonal allergies. This technology is groundbreaking and certainly the wave of the future. No more spending money on all that extra tissue and doctor's visits.

Tiffany H.San Francisco

Dr. Christine Garvey is great, she is thorough and really listens to her patients. An ENT referred me to her for allergy testing. I put off going because I was told a couple years ago that I don't have allergies and so I figured that the testing might be a waste of money. Suffice to say, I'm glad I went.
Dr. Garvey has been a chiropractor and allergist for a long time and definitely knows her stuff. Even better she's happy to explain everything to you and help you come up with ways to minimize your exposure to whatever you need to avoid. It's a relief to know that I actually have allergies and not a permanent skin condition. When I started seeing Dr. Garvey I had large bumps and pimples all over my face and neck going down to a ring around my collar bone and on the sleeves of my arms. Guess what? I'm allergic to plastics ( my clear shower curtain for eg.) and some ingredients found in my personal care products and detergents!!!! Sulphur being the most irritating. Almost all acne treatments include sulphur so you can imagine the condition of my skin considering I was treating this like acne .... not an allergy!!! Since I've been to see Dr. Garvey my skin is clear and overall health has improved because I know what exactly I need to do to manage my allergies and stay healthy. Please give the treatments a chance to work for you. Unbelivable? Well, believe it. Thank you Dr. C!

Alix H.Oakland

It's been one year this week that my allergies to dogs have gone away.

I used to get an allergic reaction to my dog so bad that I would end up with hives up and down my arm and hand. One time i had to be rushed to the hospital for some shots.

Since that time I stopped doing what loved most, wresting and cuddling my dog.

When a friend from out of town drove four hours to receive these treatments at the "Allergy Breakthrough Center", i had to go check it out. When she offered to pay for my treatments, I couldn't resist.

About a week later I was laying on the floor reaching under my bed to grab some items, my notices her toy under the bed, so she starts jumping up and around to reach for her toy. While wrestling with her tow she ends up scratching my arm with her nails. This usually results in instant redness, itching, burning, swelling, hives, sneezing and eye irritation.

Concerned, I jump up and notice there's a long scratch up the inside of my arm. Here's the weird part. My general experience with this is that scratch would inflame and breakout in sever itching etc.... This time there was what appeared to feel like some kind of electrical sensation under the skin in the surrounding entire area.
It was a sensation i never felt before and it lasted about 2-3 minutes. When the itching, swelling or hives didn't appear, I instantly went back to wresting with my dog and I been doing so ever since then.
After that, I went back to the center to get treated for all my other allergies, grass, hay, pollen etc...
It's now March and I have NOT had an allergy attack since I completed all my treatments.
Drug Free, no needles, affordable and absolutely life changing. I would recommend it to anyone who is suffering like I was.

Dimitri S.Edgewater, NJ

I've had serious allergies my entire life and have been taking medication daily since I was 7 or 8. I was skeptical that this kind of allergy treatment would really work because I'd had injection treatments for over a year and they didn't seem to make any difference. However, after one treatment by Dr. Garvey I immediately felt better. Dr. Garvey explains what she is doing every step of the way and lets you watch and ask as many questions as you like during the treatments. Since beginning treatments with Dr. Garvey I've reduced the amount of medication I need to take, I'm breathing easier and feeling better. The treatments really work!

Paula M.Oakland

I feel great. I started out with a hypothyroid and 38 allergies. I'm down to eight. I've lost over 20 pounds and I've regained my youthful energy. I've had to decrease my thyroid medicine because it's as though my thyroid is healing. Dr. Garvey's use of computer technology is a terrific asset, specific and more effective than manual testing. After each treatment I feel exponentially better. I will send everyone I know and love to Dr. Garvey. My wife didn't know she had allergies, but Dr. Garvey identified 18 including wheat, eggs, sugar, red wine, and personal care products. Since she's started treatments her chronic skin conditions have improved and she's also regained vital energy physically and emotionally. We're convinced this treatment has changed our lives for the better.

Sheeba L.NYC

Here's the thing. I had a very serious allergy - the type that when I was exposed to the allergen I would get huge welts all over my body and serious anaphylaxis type symptoms. One of my friends told me about her and the success she had, so I said, what the heck, I'll give it a try because the cost was comparable to what you'd spend in allergy medicine alone and much much less than trips to the ER. Lo and behold, after one treatment, I was cured. I was super skeptical about the treatment, so when I knew I was at risk for exposure to the allergen after the treatment, I was still armed with my epi-pen, my Benadryl, and other emergency things just in case I had a bad reaction. Amazingly, no reaction. I can't explain it and don't know why it worked, it just did. Its been a year now, and I'm still good. I can't tell you how grateful I am and what a relief it is, and the freedom it has given me to do things, allergy free. I am so thankful.

A. Little Walnut Creek

Dr. Garvey is a true professional that helped me successfully address several issues with both spinal alignment and allergies. Her holistic approach shed light on how these apparently unrelated issues actually go hand in hand. I highly recommend her services.

Matt C.VA

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