Woman Owned Business

Dr. Christine Garvey, D.C. is delighted to open her new office in downtown, beautiful, historic Main Street in Clinton, N.J.

Her journey started at her offices in downtown, San Francisco, CA along the Embarcadero on the beautiful SF bay. She then opened her offices in downtown Main St. in Lafayette, CA..  Now she has partnered with The Remedy Wellness Center in Martinez, CA and opened her brand new location in downtown Clinton, NJ on Main Street overlooking the serene Clinton Falls.

Dr. Garvey’s journey has been a source of pure joy meeting and serving thousands of families across the United States.

Dr. Garvey’s practices have been a sought out destination in CA with patients traveling from Australia, England, Germany, Hawaiian Islands, Arizona, Washington state, NYC, and places throughout the U.S.to see Dr. Garvey. Dr. Garvey was the first of a few dozen practitioner practicing AAT in the U.S..  AAT, Advanced Allergy Therapeutics came to the U.S. from Australia & New Zealand in 2007 and Dr. Garvey found AAT in 2008.

She LOVES the AAT technology, her Chiropractic methods and the psychological energy methods of PSYCH-K for their skill-sets, helping her and thousands of people live the life they want to experience.

AAT, PSYCH-K and Chiropractic have wowed and changed her life and thousands of patients with the ability to engage with previous triggers(people, places, stimuli, emotions, behaviors, etc.) with full function and without experiencing the unwanted patterns & symptoms they previously expressed.

She is grateful for her journey which has lead her to Clinton, NJ to continue meeting and helping families with their health goals.