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Dr. Christine Garvey

Dr. Garvey is an established and very well respected Doctor of Chiropractic and holistic health practitioner. She has been a practicing Chiropractic for over 24 years specializing in Holistic Functional Medicine & Nutrition, (AAT)Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, PSYCH-K and Neurological-Vagal health and rehabilitation. She has achieved high honors, achieved numerous awards and national recognition in her holistic approach to health, finding and treating the root cause of most health conditions and her holistic allergy specialization. New Jersey Family magazine voted Dr. Garvey as “NJ’s Favorite Kids Doc 2016-2022.  She’s received the “Top Doc” in USA award, “America’s Most Honored Doctors” & “Best of the Bay” by Diablo magazine also awarded Dr. Garvey’s work with patients throughout the US.  Everyone who works with Dr. Garvey comments about how much they love her energy, compassion and deep care for her clients and how she explains things to them so they really understand the why’s and how’s, so they may realize their best health and live a their best life!

All parts of the body are connected and affect each other; therefore, treating the body as “whole” is the most effective way to achieve lasting results. Dr. Garvey’s goal is to help you enjoy your life to the fullest and to live your highest expression of yourself. She wants everyone to truly enjoy life without unnecessarily suffering with unwanted symptoms of the body, mind and spirit.

Dr. Garvey specializes in treating the many symptoms associated with allergies and sensitivities with a safe and effective therapy called Advanced Allergy Therapeutics. Allergy and sensitivity symptoms can include: digestive, respiratory, dermatological/skin, multiple organ systems and chemical sensitivities, headaches, food reactions, seasonal symptoms, and many more….

Dr. Garvey, DC holds licenses to practice in the states of N.J., C.A. and P.A. She is certified by the National Board of Chiropractic Examiners and the Board of Public Health as a Radiological Supervisor and Operator.  She has advanced training in Holistic Functional Medicine, Functional Nutrition, AAT-Advanced Allergy Therapeutics, PSYCH-K, Nutrition Response Testing and numerous Chiropractic techniques, trigger point manual therapies and multiple Chiropractic modalities.

Dr. Christine Garvey, DC started her first Allergy Breakthrough Center in downtown San Francisco, California on the SF Bay. After 22 years in sunny California, she returned to her home state of NJ to open her Allergy Breakthrough Center’s east coast location in Clinton, N.J.  Her beautiful office overlooks the iconic Red Mill and  Clinton Waterfalls on downtown Main Street.  She continues seeing new and existing patients virtually for California, Pennsylvania and New Jersey patients. But you can find her happily practicing, in-person, at her Main Street office located at 49 Main Street Suite 8 Clinton offering all in-person services.

Dr. Garvey has identified and implemented the most appropriate, safe, effective and least invasive approaches for restoring and sustaining health with her holistic approach to healthcare. She combines a functional medicine’s root cause approach, advanced lab testing, individualized nutrition, Chiropractic methods, AAT(Advanced Allergy Therapeutics), PSYCH-K, Brain Hemisphericity & Vagal Tone Balancing, NRT(Nutrition Response Testing) and MRT(Muscle Response Testing) to quickly restore health. Her approach offers effective alternatives in the treatment of unwanted acute and chronic conditions and symptoms. For most of our modern health complaints like lifestyles, stressors, and behavioral disorders, natural and holistic methods are an effective and healing alternative to drug-dependence, side effects, and expensive interventions. The fundamental premise is that your body knows how to be well, given the proper support and balance.

Holistic health is a harmony and balance within all aspects of self; body, mind, spirit and emotions. Each of us is born with a unique balance that makes us who we are and determines our strengths and weaknesses. A holistic approach brings an awareness and respect for the influence each aspect of a person’s life has on all others. The whole lifestyle of the person is addressed, taking into consideration the mind and emotions, the body and nervous system, diet and exercise, one’s spiritual outlook, and the interaction between family, friends, co-workers, society and nature.

Services and Techniques offered:

Functional Medicine

Functional Nutrition

Advanced Laboratory Testing

AAT- Advanced Allergy Therapeutics

Chiropractic care


NRT Nutrition Response Testing

Brain Hemisphericity & Vagal Tone Balancing

Upper cervical techniques

Manual adjusting

Instrument Adjusting with Arthrostim®

Vertigo balancing technique

Trigger point therapies


Therapeutic Ultrasound

Toggle recoil technique

Gonstead technique

Muscle Response Testing

Extremity adjusting

CBP chiropractic biophysics technique

Mirror Image adjusting

Drop table adjusting

Dr. Garvey
Dr. Christine Garvey, Chiropractic Physician