Dr. Christine Garvey D.C. has been receiving Chiropractic care since 1988. She found that years of trying multiple techniques and learning all techniques in Chiropractic colleges she had her chronic issues still. When she discovered a Dr. John Donofrio, DC, the president of Chiropractic Neurology in US. She finally received the corrective care that has relieved her chronic issues.  She has dedicated her practice to providing this cutting edge approach to help as many people as possible in her practices in his honor and memory.

A Balanced Brain Balances the Body 

Brain-Based Care marks the latest treatment of postural balancing, pain syndromes, sleep and fatigue, energy production and vertigo/balance problems. This approach works by putting the brain back in charge of controlling the nerve impulses of the sensory and motor malfunctioning that contributes to a host of problems including chronic misalignments /subluxations, Chronic Fatigue Syndrome, Fibromyalgia, Insomnia, Obesity, Depression, Dizziness, Stress, Anxiety, Low Energy, Neurotransmitter and Mitochondrial dysfunction and other brain and cognitive impairments.

Brain Based Care

The Brain Stem regulates the Cranial Nerves, which are responsible for our senses of sight and smell, hearing and balance, facial sensation and control.  Cranial Nerve X (10) is the Vagus Nerve, also called the Buddha nerve or Wandering nerve, innervates all of our vital organs including Heart, Stomach, Liver, Intestines, Spleen and Adrenals.  This important connection makes the upper cervical spine capable of disrupting everything from dizziness to digestion. 
When the Cortex receives insufficient input from the Cerebellum it becomes incapable of properly controlling functions. The uncontrolled overactive brain then creates imbalances in Cranial nerve functions which can cause dizziness, inner ear problems and sound distortion, sleep problems, digestion problems including IBS and IBD, heart arrhythmias, systemic pain and fatigue, photophobia (sensitivity to light), as well as many types of sensitivities.

Symptoms of processing problems are apart of communication issues between and within the hemispheres of the brain. This connectivity issue is an imbalance in hemispheric brain communication, which is the root of many learning, health, body, postural, functional and developmental issues.  Dr. Christine Garvey, D.C. combine individually customized sensory-motor and cognitive activities that improve hemispheric brain connectivity. Dr. Garvey also address nutritional imbalances to focus on the importance of a healthy diet contributing to optimal brain and body function.

Chiropractic Brain and Body Balancing is a cutting edge treatment for treating the body and brain.